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Witches Finger Quartz

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Although it may look like an unsightly finger with warts hanging off it, this natural crystal invokes SO much more than what you may think. This crystal is a rare type of Quartz that includes minerals such as Muscovite, Calcite, Feldspar and more.

If you’re looking to overcome certain aspects of yourself and allow yourself to feel freer in this world, Witches Finger Quartz is a favourable crystal to add to your collection. It has protective qualities that will guard you when you feel you are under attack; it can deflect negative energies and it can also help to anchor you in the present moment.

Witches Finger Quartz is also an excellent stone that will aid you on your spiritual journey, it can also allow you to digest information from your guides.

If you’re looking for a collector’s piece, our Witches Fingers Quartz have travelled close to 12,000km to find there forever home!