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Tri Calcite Free Form

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Tri Calcite symbolizes cleansing, it represents a new beginning and it can even signify the start of a brand new savings account! This crystal has many different abilities, but most revolve around good luck, new starts and making life changes. Tri calcite will enable you to go with the flow, it will cleanse your energy so that you are ready for a new start, and it will also encourage you to achieve your goals.

It is an all-rounder crystal and is greatly beneficial if you are struggling with finances. Tri Calcite is much like the Barefoot investor as it will show you how to save money, and let you know the importance of spending wisely. It can bring good luck and increase prosperity, but only if you are wise and understand the true importance of good financial decisions.

Tri Calcite is a great gift for those who have just started a business; it will empower the business owners to make wise choices and encourage them to live their dreams!