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Tree Agate Crystal Tumbles

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Tree Agate as the name suggests is deeply connected with nature. It is probably one of the best crystals you could ever place in a garden as it is said to support the healthy growth of all living plants and trees. If you are an avid gardener, or even if you think you kill plants just by looking at them; owning a piece of Tree Agate can enhance your relationship with both nature and all living things.

It is said that placing a piece of Tree Agate in your car can help to keep you safe on all trips that surround nature. It is a great crystal to own that will promote strength and perseverance, and also continuous growth throughout life. Like a plant grows and sometimes gets a few dead leaves, we wouldn’t just rip the plant out and call it a day… We would cut the dead leaves off so that that plant can continue to grow and thrive without having all these dead leaves hanging off it that try to steal the nourishment that the healthy plant needs to survive on.