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Tourmalinated Quartz Point

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Tourmalinated Quartz is often used as a grounding or anchoring crystal. Making it a great tool if you suffer from an addiction or bad habit, it will help you to remain in the present reality with a cool, clear head and rationalise your thoughts and decisions. This crystal is also an effective problem solver, so it is a great addition to any workspace.

If you find yourself self-sabotaging your relationships, friendships or even your jobs; owning a piece and placing it near where you sleep is said to counteract the destructive pattern over time, and enable you to understand why that pattern was formed in the first place. With Tourmalinated Quartz having this ability, it makes it a must have crystal for spiritual healers; it can help to pin point any blockages you or your client may have, then also with Tourmalinated Quartz being a great problem solver; you can then work out the best solution or healing advice/plan to go with that client!