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The Blind Spot Oracle Cards

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What are you not seeing?

The Blind Spot Oracle Cars have a simple but incredibly effective purpose: to reveal what you are not aware of relative to the question you are asking. Our blind spots may hide motives, fears, desires, needs, truths, reasons, habits, patterns... the list goes on. This oracle will make you aware of them, and if you are aware; you can take action.

  • Draw one of he 78 Sigil symbol cards to get clarity on any issue
  • Try out the specially created spreads for amazingly insightful perspectives on conflict and group situations
  • Connect with the energy of the Sigils through artwork painted in trance conditions by Teal Swan
  • Choose from 47 temporary tattoos to deepen your connection with your Sigil guides


  • 78 full-colour cards
  • 200 page guidebook
  • 49 temporary tattoos

About the author: Teal Swan is a personal transformation revolutionary who was born highly intuitive. A renowned author, speaker and modern spiritual leader, she travels the world teaching about self-awareness and inspiring millions of people towards authenticity, freedom and joy.