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Sugar Quartz Cluster

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Sugar Quartz, like Spirit Quartz, has tiny little crystals surrounding the main crystal point. The tiny crystals are often referred to as barnacles!

Sugar Quartz crystals are perfect for those who find it difficult to let go of things, emotions or even people who are no longer good for you or your higher self. The magic within the Sugar Quartz works to help heal you from the inside out.

Often useful for those who work in a nurturing career (nurse, teacher, healer etc.), these crystals enable the spread of love, care and healing vibrations.

If you’re looking for some more strength or courage in your life; Sugar Quartz is bound to be the best crystal to use. Sugar Quartz will show you insight that you may never have seen before or show you what you’re worth when push comes to shove.

If you’re looking to bring more abundance into your life; Sugar Quartz will help attract it! You will be more willing to take positive financial risks with this crystal by your side, and you’ll also find that good luck seems to be endless in your life if you have a piece of this glittery Sugar Quartz in your collection!