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Strawberry Quartz Point

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Strawberry Quartz is one of our top 3 crystals, it is one that just emits a loving, nurturing vibe and can help you to learn new things about yourself almost instantaneously after getting one for your collection. If you’re a bit self-absorbed; this crystal will let you know; it will help you to be more compassionate towards others and enable you to be more empathetic.

Have a family gathering coming up? Not looking forward to the awful 50 questions about your career, love life and even personal stuff? Place a piece of Strawberry quartz in the area which you are gathering; it will help to ease tension, relax everyone in the room and encourage harmony and non-intrusive conversations!

Say goodbye to social anxiety when you have a piece of Strawberry Quartz in your pocket! It will promote confidence, ease of speaking / conversation and calm nerves! It is powerfully protective of whoever owns it, and will work to nurture, soothe and provide loving vibes for you!