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Spirit Amethyst Cluster

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Spirit Amethyst has many strengths, from spiritual healing to helping to cleanse your aura.

Those tiny crystals surrounding the main point are all charging up to radiate a hulk – like healing vibration. They all work in unison to help you achieve access to your higher spiritual self, which makes this the perfect crystal for those starting on their own spiritual journey.

These beautiful specimens are only found in South Africa and is thought to be linked to the spirit. Spirit Amethyst is said to open, align and heal every single chakra.

If you’re having trouble releasing anything from your spirit or soul, Spirit Amethyst will allow you to let go and ultimately heal and find peace. This crystal will resonate with every other stone in your collection, it will magnify and amplify all other crystals you place it with.

Past issues of guilt, resentment and hurt will no longer phase you when you finally release the magic of Spirit Amethyst. Ensure you work and charge this crystal every chance you get; you wont ever leave its side once you start feeling its positive vibes.