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Sardonyx Palm Stone

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Sardonyx is like a can of energy drink; it gives you that extra burst of energy to use whenever it’s needed! It is said to elevate feelings of happiness and it’s also the perfect crystal for those who feel like chaos always finds them; Sardonyx will bring feelings of peace and provide calm vibes for those who need it!

This is a great crystal if you’re trying to manifest stability within your life. Put your intentions onto Sardonyx, and it will help show you the way to achieve the things that you want in life. It will instil a sense of determination and willpower into your life and encourage you to enjoy life and to enjoy the things that you do.

For those who work in the spiritual world, Sardonyx is said to help enhance and improve psychic abilities, this is also a great crystal to replenish your energy after you have completed a healing, a reading, or any psychic work.