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Ruby Zoisite Point

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Ruby Zoisite connects the heart and the mind together rationalizing thoughts that come from the heart; it allows the heart to show you what you want, but enables your mind to make a clear decision about what is best for you in your current situation. This crystal will encourage you to take time out for yourself and provide confidence in times when you feel like you have none.

If you feel like everything is crumbling down around you; Ruby Zoisite can show you how to cope with it. It will show you how to have fun in life and bring a sense of joy and happiness back into your mind, body and spirit.

Ruby Zoisite is also a must have for anyone who needs some firm spiritual or emotional healing. It can show you why things have happened in the past and rationalize it, move on and start the healing process. This crystal can help to shut down any negative thoughts creeping into your mind and help to balance your emotions.

If you’re always on the go, but never have the time to “stop and smell the roses”, this is definitely a crystal you need to keep in your pocket or close by!