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Red Hematoid Quartz Point

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Red Hematoid or Fire Quartz, is one of the best crystals you can own that could enhance your self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, self-love and self-trust. It will help you on your search to find true happiness and will provide you with a sense of peace as you go. Red Hematoid is one of our favourites, because we have seen these crystals work their magic! The amount of vibrations these crystals give off is surreal, they are always working to cleanse your mind, body and spirit of negative energy that may have attached to you and they are perfect to help ground you in your current reality. (Which makes Red Hematoid PERFECT for those who are always on the go and never seem to take a break or even take a deep breath!)

These crystals make a fantastic crystal if you work in a career where you are constantly trying to solve problems and are always thinking on your feet. Red Hematoid will help to balance your mind and keep you at ease through any traumatic or heavy stress situations you may encounter in your day to day life.

Red Hematoid is also a great crystal to place in your bedroom, as it encourages the bond for those in relationships to strengthen, and if you are single; it encourages your own personal strength to grow. This crystal can also calm the energy in a room if arguments occur and can help to ease the tension between those who are stuck in a repetitive cycle of blaming the other for past situations.