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Pyrite Tumbles

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Pyrite is commonly known as Fools Gold, simply for the way it looks; it has a golden metallic shine and can often be mistaken as real gold!

However, apart from looking like gold, this crystal has so many brilliant properties and energies contained within it, it may be worth its weight in gold! Pyrite is a very protective stone; it will help keep you safe from any negative energies that may come near you and it will also rid your aura bad vibrations.

Pyrite can inspire you to create new ideas within your everyday life, and it could also provide you with new analytical skills that you never knew you had. This crystal will allow you to keep grounded whilst performing critical tasks and allow you to keep a clear, focused mind whilst doing so.

If you’re struggling with reaching your financial goals, this may be the best crystal to add to your collection. Pyrite is a stone that symbolises wealth and prosperity and will bring good energy and an abundance of good luck your way with it by your side.