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Polished Malachite Slice

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Of every crystal in the Kingdom, Malachite has got to be one of the most royal and regal ones there is. Malachite has been dated as far back as 3000 B.C and was once used to protect and empower many Egyptians.

Known to be the mirror into the soul, these are the perfect crystals to help you transform into the best possible version of yourself. Malachite will help you to think clearly, be prepared for anything and act only in a way that is fair to everyone and yourself.

Malachite will help you feel like Spiderman... in the way that will have your own Spidey senses tingling! It may help to warn you of events that are yet to happen, or to help you sense out the underlying emotions behind someone’s actions. It may bring psychic visions or help you to access different dimensions if you’re looking for that kind of thing!

These pieces of Malachite have been sourced from Congo, South Africa.