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Petrified Wood Heart

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Petrified wood is an amazing crystal to own if you have frequent panic attacks. This crystal is known to help soothe anxiety, calm your nerves and alleviate any irrational fears you may have. It will provide energy that will allow you to feel secure and will fill you with determination and courage to fix problems by coming up with new solutions.

It is said that Petrified wood will give you the skills to calm your thoughts when they seem to be running away from you and give you the ability to justify if they are real thoughts, or just thoughts coming from fear or anxiety. Petrified wood can also bring tremendous luck to those who are starting a new business venture; it is said to bring success, good luck and a sense of determination.

Petrified Wood promotes discipline for those who have the mindset to succeed in this world. Why not add a piece to your crystal collection and see the success it could bring for you?