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Peach Moonstone Palm Stone

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Wanting to harness the magic of the moon within a palm stone? Soak in all the energy of your peach moonstone, whilst harnessing the secrets and wisdom the moon grants you with this new crystal.

This is the perfect crystal for the travelling feminine, or the roaming gypsy. Like the tide rolls in tune with the rhythm of the moon, so will you with your new peach moonstone. You’ll feel more at peace, and more in tune with your higher self with this crystal by your side. Your heart will feel more at ease and life may seem much more peaceful.

Wanting to be able to accept love and give it more freely? Or maybe you’ve got some anger you’d like to let go of? Whatever your wanting to let go of or gain more of; if its got to do with the heart - Peach Moonstone has your back.

Place your peach moonstone crystal under your pillow to help guide you into a deep sleep; help to correct your sleeping patterns or to help you astral travel. Peach Moonstone knows no limits when it comes to our inner desires; let it show you its magic!