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Opalite Point

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Owning a piece of Opalite will instil a mind frame of the likes of James Bond, Rocky Balboa and even Elsa; in the way that one of Opalites main features is that it packs a punch when it comes to promoting self-confidence! You’ll receive the strength and power you need from Opalite to take on the world and have no fear of failure whilst doing so!

Psychics and clairvoyants may also find Opalite beneficial as it can aid in communicating with the spiritual world. It can act like a cordless phone, with spirits on standby – if you’ve got the passcode to the phone, you’ll be set for life with Opalite by your side!

Opalite can also present you with a soft, gentle energy which would help you if you’re having trouble sleeping at night. Simply place a piece of Opalite under your pillow to help induce relaxation and encourage healthy sleep habits.