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Ocean Jasper Palm Stone

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Ocean Jasper works its powers like a wave; it washes over you with a rejuvenating effect and washes away with it any negative or unnecessary feelings and emotions. This crystal will emit a deep, calming vibration and allow you to feel a warm, nurturing effect in its presence. Being part of the Jasper family, Ocean Jasper brings with it the strength and stress relieving patterns but will also help those who have trouble accepting themselves for who they are.

This crystal is really one where it will help to heal you from the inside out, and even encourage you to keep moving forward when times get tough. It will help you to adjust to any sort of sudden change and is also particularly useful to help resolve past emotional issues.

Ocean Jasper is definitely a must have in any crystal collection, not only for its metaphysical abilities, but also for the fact it can be one of the most brilliantly coloured and patterned crystals on the market!