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Moss Agate Point

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Moss Agate, as the name suggests, is strongly connected with nature! So, if you’re working within the agriculture industry or an avid gardener, having Moss Agate with you whilst you complete activities relating to nature will be of great benefit to you! This crystal is also known as a birthing crystal, which makes it beneficial for those in the midwifery sector!

Being from the Agate family, Moss Agate can strengthen your self-esteem and help to balance emotions. This crystal can enhance your positive personality traits and help to rejuvenate your soul.

If you’re struggling to convey to your family and friends about how you feel, or if you’re struggling to come to terms with negative experiences, Moss Agate can help to break down your walls and enable you to speak up. Moss Agate will support you through any tough times that come your way and will never stop trying to protect you from negative forces.