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Moonstone Tumbles

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Moonstone is the perfect crystal to gift to those who are about to undertake some serious travel. Whether it be a boat cruise or a 10-hour drive across the country, always remember to take a piece of Moonstone whenever you travel long distances! It is widely known as a traveller’s stone and is often worn as an amulet to protect travellers under the moon.

This crystal is deeply connected to the moon and its cycles and is greatly receptive when intentions are placed on it under the full moon. Moonstone is a great symbol of fertility and hence being linked to new beginnings.

In everyday use, Moonstone is known to promote stability, clarity and focus, which makes it a good crystal to have with you if you’re studying or even working. It can also help to bring out hidden creativity or passions which have been forgotten about after time has gone by. Moonstone is also said to help keep moving you forward in life and enabling you to go with the flow and trust in life’s purpose for you.