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Mini Aragonite Sputnik Specimen

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Aragonite meaning + Metaphysical properties:

  • Powerfully connected with the earth
  • Encourages its keeper to respect nature and to keep it beautiful and healthy
  • Can encourage its keeper to recycle and be conservative
  • Encourages its keeper to focus on what is important in life
  • Promotes a sense of self confidence
  • Encourages its keeper to stand up for them self and to stand their ground
  • Often referred to as a crystal that symbolizes bravery
  • Acts as a natural stress reliever
  • Acts as an anchoring tool to help you live in the moment
  • Provides uplifting and happy feelings to be resonated within its keeper
  • Attracts good luck and good fortune
  • Can boosts its keeper’s motivation to get specific jobs done

Aragonite in Healing:

  • Often used to help clear blockages in the heart, mind, body and spirit
  • Gives insight and clarity to find the real source of a problem or disturbing feeling
  • Encourages tolerance for other people and difficult situations
  • Known to boost self-esteem and confidence
  • Traditionally used to help speed up recovery after illness
  • Can help to boost the immune system
  • Refreshes mental energy
  • Known to help relieve the symptoms of depression
  • Teaches its keeper that tomorrow is a new day, and a bad day doesn't have to last weeks and months
  • Helps to remove destructive mood swings
  • Promotes feelings of deep inner peace
  • Beneficial for those dealing with grief

Aragonite in Relationships:

Aragonite will encourage partners to be less critical of the others decision and allow you to focus on the good decisions previously made. It is said to also improve all the good things within the relationship and enhance all positive feelings that are present within the relationship. Aragonite will help bring patience into a relationship, to ensure that no rash decisions are made. It can also help to remove any jealousy or insecurity which can linger in a relationship.