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Lodolite Tumbles

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Often used by psychics, Lodolite can be used as a telephone between spirits and those who can talk to them! Think of it as an old Nokia phone, the ones that never run out of battery! Lodolite is also known to invoke lucid dreaming, which should only be attempted if you know what you’re doing!

For everyday use, Lodolite is great for those who endeavour to meditate but can’t. If you’re constantly wondering about what’s going on outside, or what to eat for dinner, instead of trying to clear your mind, this is the best crystal to slip into your pocket beforehand! Lodolite will encourage a clear mind and help you to ground yourself in the present moment.

If you’re after a crystal that could attract new love into your life, Lodolite will be a good addition to your crystal collection. Its mystical powers will work to find where that loving energy is, and pull them towards you to perhaps meet them in a weird, yet wonderful way (think “Love Actually” style)