Celestite Palm Stone

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"Connect me with my angels and help show me the way, to reach only the highest of good and never lead me astray. Alleviate my pain and help me keep calm. Lead me into good fortune and protect me from harm. Keep my magic in-tune and at prime health. Shower me with happiness and shower me with wealth." - AP Crystals suggested crystal intention for Celestite.

Celestite Crystal Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities:

  • Deeply connected to the Angelic Dimension
  • Attracts nothing but good fortune
  • Will reveal the truth and teach its keeper the meaning of trust
  • Helps to cool fiery emotions both within and around you
  • High vibrational crystal filled with only the most high and divine energies

Celestite Healing Information:

  • Calms mental torment
  • Disperses pain and fills empty spaces with love
  • Disperses worries and promotes mental clarity

Celestite in Health:

  • Known to help treat disorders of the eyes and ears
  • Helps dissolve physical pain
  • Has a gentle, soothing and relaxing influence on muscles
  • Relieves symptoms of a sore throat

Celestite for those with psychic abilities:

  • Gives its keeper a massive boost on their spiritual journey
  • Aids clairvoyants and journeys out of the body
  • Helps to recall dreams
  • Opens a connection with the Angelic realms
  • Often used to help contact spirit guides and guardian angels