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Kambaba Jasper Palm Stone

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Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities

  •  Encourages peace and simplicity
  • Said to bring calm and relaxation to its keepers life
  • Brings protection and comfort
  • A great study mate! Will help to improve focus and retention of information
  • Great to get rid of constant nightmares or bad dreams
  • Promotes a peaceful sleep
  • Known to bring abundance into its keepers life
  • Feeling nervous about an upcoming event? Take a piece of Kambaba Jasper with you to help you to overcome your fears
  • Said to bring luck, and good financial situations to its keepers life
  • Known to help some move up in their careers
  • Great for those who are visibly upset, or if you feel yourself heading for a downward spiral; grab your Kambaba Jasper to help calm you down and also to help soothe yourself
  • Said to help create new opportunities for its keepers; Kambaba Jasper will constantly open the door to new and exciting things
  • Provides a warm, loving and healing vibration

Kambaba Jasper in Healing

  • Said to help to cleanse the body and soul
  • Helps to ground its keeper
  • An excellent meditation crystal
  • Said to help its keeper let go of negative memories, negative energy and negative thoughts
  • Said to encourage happiness
  • Great for those who are looking to make a new beginning
  • Encourages its keeper to accept change
Kambaba Jasper in Health

Known to help re-energise the body, especially after surgery or prolonged illnessSaid to bring confidence and prosperity into its keepers lifeGreat for those with digestive issues, it is said to help support all functions of the stomachSaid to increase fertilityGallbladder, liver or spleen issues are said to be helped by Kambaba JasperKnown to help relieve symptoms of morning sickness for pregnant ladiesEncourages its keeper to take care of their mental health; it will allow its keeper to take a step back, figure out how they actually feel and push its keeper to take steps in the right direction to help heal their current emotional stateSupports and strengthens its keepers when times are toughGives off the vibe that everything will be ok and that the tough times wont last forever

Kambaba Jasper in Relationships

  • Said to help those who find it hard to open up to their partner; this stone helps to encourage open and healthy communication
  • Known to help bring more love into the relationship
  • Helps those who have a constant fear of rejection or abandonment
  • Recently heartbroken? Kambaba jasper will help to fill you with a sense of love and belonging when you can't give it to yourself
  • Encourages compassion and empathy
  • Can help give a feeling of "new" love, for those who have been in a long relationship
  • Single? Want to be in a relationship? Want to feel worthy of love again? Kambaba Jasper is for you! It will encourage you to get out there and to try something new!
  • Known to help its keeper maintain a positive outlook on their relationship; not to let the little things get to them
  • Shows you how you can better yourself, to then be able to take care of yourself and your partner better

Kambaba Jasper for those with psychic abilities

  • Said to help align its keepers body with the etheric realm
  • Can help bring the mind, body and spirit into alignment
  • A powerfully protective stone