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Iolite Tumbles

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Wanting to delve into learning different psychic gifts? Want a crystal that helps you Astral travel? If you said yes, then Iolite is the crystal you’ve been looking for. Iolite is deeply connected with the psychic world and is a beneficial tool to those who relate to it. Activating Third Eye’s is what Iolite is known for, as well as stimulating your inner “knowing”. Much like your gut feeling, Iolite will encourage you to use that feeling to your advantage in your day to day life and help you to gain access and knowledge into your past life.

For those wanting to use Iolite in a different way, it can help to release negativity within relationships and can also help you to overcome co-dependency with your partner. Iolite will encourage you to become your own person, instead of relying on someone else to give you approval on what you should and should not be.