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Howlite Point

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Howlite is widely known to aid in relaxation and to encourage better sleep patterns. It is a crystal we often recommend to those who want to feel at peace within themselves, and with the world. Howlite can help eliminate feelings of rage, anger and negative thoughts making it a great crystal for those who feel that they have no control over their emotions.

If you feel like you’re constantly overthinking things and creating scenarios in your head that just seem to go on and on, place a piece of Howlite in your pocket or under your pillow to help put your mind at ease. Howlite will also help to relieve the stress you’ve accumulated throughout the day and enable you to let go of any anxiety you may be feeling.

Howlite is one of the must have crystals in your collection because of the many calming abilities it produces! Make sure you reach for a piece next time you need some relaxing vibes in your life!