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Honey Calcite Sphere

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Do you often find yourself starting a new creation, or a new job, but quit just has soon as you started? If you answered yes, then you should be adding a piece of Honey Calcite into your collection! It is the perfect crystal to have by your side to aid you in finishing the job you started (or staying at a new job for a long period of time). Honey Calcite will help rid any fears or negative thoughts you have about starting something new.

This crystal will help rationalise thoughts, overcome obstacles and give you the strength you need to carry on. Honey Calcite is also beneficial for those who procrastinate for a long period of time; it will motivate you and help you figure out the right answer or right path to take in a more appropriate time frame.

For those looking for a crystal to amplify the effects of other crystals and to clear negative energies; make sure to add a piece of Honey Calcite to your collection!