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Green Tourmaline Tumbles

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Not sure what you want from life? Wanting to know what you were made for? If you’ve been asking those types of questions, then you will need to add Green Tourmaline to your crystal collection. It can help you to visualize your deepest desires and will allow you to reach for it without any fear of failing. This crystal will promote patience while travelling through life, and if you do reach a fork in the road, Green Tourmaline will shed light on which path to take.

This crystal is a fantastic tool to use if you’re having trouble falling asleep, or even having nightmares; place it under your pillow and allow it to work its healing abilities and properties over you whilst you sleep.

Being from the Tourmaline family, this crystal is especially useful for those who feel a bit unloved, or not cared for; it can encourage you to speak up about what you’re feeling and what those around you can do to help you through these feelings.