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Green Opal Palm Stone

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If you’re looking for a crystal that will help to heal all matters of the heart, you’ve definitely found that crystal within Green Opal. It is a crystal that Is deeply connected to the heart, and will help encourage your heart to heal; whether that be from past traumatic experiences, or maybe from a situation where you’ve felt deeply let down, Green Opal will be there to comfort you and to help you to become a better person from these experiences.

Green Opal is also beneficial for those who are going through some life changes at the moment. If you’re changing careers, moving to a new house or even entering into a new relationship – Green Opal will enable you to make a smooth transition from one change to the next. This crystal is also linked to transforming your mind, so if you’re stuck in a repetitive negative thinking pattern, Green Opal can promote a new positive way of thinking.

All in all, we all need a little comforting from time to time, and its always handy to have a piece of Green Opal in your collection to grab this crystal when needed!