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Golden Healer Sphere

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We would never have enough time to go through ALL the benefits of having a piece of Golden Healer within your crystal collection, that is how brilliant this crystal is. It is the master healer in our crystal world. Its healing properties are deemed endless and unlimited. It is perfect for those who are looking for a better flow of energy within their mind, body, aura and spirit. Golden Healers will also bring you good luck and prosperity, which makes it the perfect crystal for those struggling with money issues. It will encourage you to make the right decision when it comes to saving, and anything to do with your current financial situation.

For those looking for a crystal to amplify their other crystals, you can’t go past Golden Healer. They amplify all the positive traits in other crystals and amplify any crystal intentions you set on both your Golden Healer and any other crystal it is placed near. Golden Healers are also beneficial in the way that they can cleanse your house much like sage does. (Handy if you don’t have any sage currently!)

Golden Healer crystals can also benefit those who are stuck in an endless cycle of self-destructive behaviour. They can help you to understand why you are stuck in that cycle and pull all of those emotions to the surface to enable you to deal with them properly, and allow you to move on from those emotions and create a more healthy mental state.

There is SO much to be said about Golden Healers, if you don’t have a piece you could definitely benefit from these crystals! We are biased in these words though; Golden Healers are one of the favourites in the AP Crystal’s shop!