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Gold Sheen Black Obsidian Point

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Searching for the truth? Feel like your friends are talking behind your back? Feel like there are things happening that are being hidden from you? Black Obsidian will be your very own Maxwell Smart, Veronica Mars or Magnum P.I that will help you to get to the bottom of things! It is known as the crystal of truth and can reveal many secrets both within your personal circle and even within your own self. Black Obsidian knows no boundaries and can often bring your own negative traits to the surface. But, in saying this; it can be a helpful therapeutic tool to get to the bottom of your own insecurities and weaknesses. Black Obsidian can help you to cut ties with people or situations that no longer serve you in the highest good and help to cut negative cords of attachments to people whom we should leave in the past.

Black Obsidian can be an overwhelming crystal to those who have not had experience with it previously. But it will be a very useful tool once you get the hang of using it in positive ways.