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Garnierite Palm Stone

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Garnierite is the perfect tool to help turn pessimists into optimists; it’s the best tool to enable yourself to see the glass half full! It’s also traditionally used to help fill yourself up to the brim with self-confidence, which makes it perfect for anyone who may lack it.

As Christina Aguilera famously once said “Thanks for making me, a fighter”, - this crystal will encourage you to take the world head on, and fight for what you want, and for what you believe in without taking notice of anyone’s doubts or opinions about yourself.

For those who are looking for a crystal to set their intentions on, and a stone that will be receptive on intentions; Garnierite will be one of the best crystals in your collection to do this. Garnierite is extremely receptive of positive intentions; so, let this crystal know what you want, sit back and watch the magic manifest.