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Fuchsite Tumbles

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If you’re struggling with yourself internally or find yourself not knowing when to stop before you go over the top; Fuchsite is the perfect fit for you. It’s a known crystal to help deal with emotional struggles as it aids in healing from the inside out. Fuchsite is often used to help induce resilience to stress and can aid in reducing thoughts of past trauma or simply and past events that we’d rather not live through again.

Fuchsite is also beneficial for those who have bigger ego’s than most. It can help that person to look at themselves through someone else’s eyes and realise that the way they are acting, probably isn’t the best way to act. It can encourage them to take a different course of action, and to be more empathetic towards those they may have been mistreating.  

This crystal is a great addition to your collection; Fuchsite can amplify the energy within other crystals and can also remove negative energy that may be contained in other crystal and within your own body or spirit.