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Dumortierite Tumbles

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Dumortierite is a psychics must have crystal. Having it by your side will greatly enhance any psychic gifts you have. It will help to open your third eye, encourage progress in all fields in psychic abilities and help to provide precise tarot and psychic readings. Dumortierite is deeply connected to the spirit world, in this sense, if you are unsure about what psychic gifts you have; this crystal will certainly point you in the right direction.

In everyday life, Dumortierite will encourage those who own a piece to stand their ground and to stand up for themselves when push comes to shove. It will also promote a tolerance of other people, and also a tolerance of particularly difficult situations.

Inside of this magical crystal, there are strong. Eclectic vibrations, which makes it a wonderful piece to use when meditating. It could also show you dreams with meanings contained within them, something everyone should experience at least once in their life.

If you’re a psychic and looking for the next crystal to add to your collection, we couldn’t recommend Dumortierite enough! For those wanting a crystal to help them through a massive life change – this could aid you in navigating through life in this time.