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Dragons Blood Point

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Going through a tough time and looking for a crystal companion? Look no further than Dragons Blood. Like Randy Newman sings “You got a friend in me”, Dragons blood will be with you in both your days where you’re embodying a warrior, and also the days where you feel you’re stuck in a great, big hole with no way out. This particular type of Jasper, is known to work much faster than other Jasper types, so it’s perfect for a quick fix.

Dragons Blood is also beneficial for those going through a tough time, it can support you, ease your pain and then later allow you to have a peaceful night’s sleep. Whilst you’re sleeping, it will work to build a forcefield around your body and soul and help to protect your physical being and help to keep negative forces (and people) at bay.

This crystal is a must have in your crystal collection, especially to have on hand when you feel that you’re losing sobriety, sleep or even control of reaching your dreams and goals.