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Chiastolite Tumbles

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Known as the cross stone, Chiastolite is perfect to take to work. It will aid in your analytic abilities, your decision-making skills and dispel any thoughts of failure from your mind! Chiastolite is also fascinating in the way that it is linked to both death and rebirth, meaning that it’s a great piece to have if you’re looking at doing a major re-start in your life. (Also great for those who own a business and wanting to create a new look for the business) Chiastolite can also encourage new patterns in your life; so if you’re stuck in a self-sabotaging cycle, this crystal can help you get out of that rut and start again, fresh.

In ancient times, it was often thought that Chiastolite could ward off ill wishes and curses! In this sense, Chiastolite is definitely needed if you feel you’re having too many negative thoughts or feel that you’re constantly attracting bad luck!