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Carnelian Heart

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If you’re a fan of The Barefoot Investor, you’re going to be a huge fan of Carnelian! This crystal may motivate you towards the success that you’ve been dreaming of, it could even help your problem solving and analytic skills (which makes this a FANTASTIC crystal for those who have just started their own business!)

Carnelian can even help to calm any fear, anger or even emotional negativity that you may be feeling. It can be used to replace that negativity with positivity or love and helps you to get the bottom of why you’re feeling the way you do.

Carnelian could even be looked at like your own personal guru; it will ground you in the present reality; allowing you to stay focused on success. It will encourage you to make risky (but positive) financial endeavors and Carnelian is also great to remove any fears about failure.

Put a piece in your pocket; you could suddenly become the next Scott Pape with Carnelian by your side.