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Bronzite Tumbles

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Bronzite is not a common crystal that we’d automatically reach to buy or add to our crystal collection, reason being; its not the prettiest crystal out there. Although what it lacks in looks, it certainly makes up in its amount of metaphysical abilities! It is great for those who lack self-courage and self-confidence, and it will encourage a deep sense of belonging when we need it most.

It is one of the best natural stress relievers on the crystal market and can help immensely when we are going through different life changes. It is a fantastic stone of transformation, much like Labradorite, and contains a great amount of wealth and abundance inside of it for those who use it in their day to day lives.

Make sure to consider this crystal when choosing what to add to your collection; it may not be the best looking as you might have noticed, but it sure packs a punch!