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Blue Lace Agate Wave

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Feel your mind racing all the time? Can’t sleep because of all the thoughts running through your mind? You need Blue Lace Agate! Known to calm overactive minds, and soothe nerves, this crystal is a must have! Blue Lace Agate is great tool to have when you need some much-needed relaxation and calming vibrations in your life! It will help you to steer clear of negativity by creating an imaginary force field around your soul and body. Blue Lace Agate will help you to power on through life when you feel that your energy sources are depleted, and work to heal any hurtful emotions you may have been carrying with you through life. Add this crystal to your collection to remind you of bright, open blue skies. Blue Lace Agate will remind you that a new day always starts and to leave your struggles in the past!