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Blue Howlite Tumbles

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Like White Howlite, Blue Howlite is a very calming crystal. It can help to reduce stress, tension, anxiety and rage / anger. It is the perfect crystal to provide and produce soothing vibrations throughout the space it is placed and can also help with those who find it hard to meditate. Even though this is a manmade crystal (white Howlite dyed blue) it does not take away the fact that it has healing abilities. Like the Eiffel Tower or The Great Wall of China, Blue Howlite has been created by man to create something that is not available to us naturally.

Blue Howlite is an amazing crystal to help those who wish to do it; Astral Travel. Place a piece under your pillow before you fall asleep, to help produce the vibrations and magic to allow you to travel into a different realm.