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Blue Calcite Palm Stone

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One of the most Angelic crystals known to mankind is Celestite. This crystal will protect you from any negative force trying to bring you down or make your life anything but bliss. Like John Constantine (Played by Keanu Reeves in the movie Constantine), this crystal could help give you the ability to perceive and communicate with Angels. Since it is deeply connected to the Angelic Dimension, it produces high vibrations filled with only positive, divine and pure energies.

Celestite is known to help calm emotions and any mental torment you may be going through, which makes it perfect for stressful or anxiety ridden times. Add this crystal to your collection if your job causes major headaches, or your home environment is causing you to feel lonely, or misplaced.

As Constantine once said to God in the movie “I could use a little attention.”- This crystal will help you receive answers that you’re seeking, even if you feel like you have a guilty conscience, Celestite will help to relieve all of your anxieties and fears about life. Give this crystal a try next time you feel a bit down, it could help to lift you up and put you in a better mindset about what’s going on around you.