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Blossom Agate Palm Stone

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When describing Blossom Agate, I describe it in the same way every single time.

Imagine / Remember the love that your grandma gave or gives you. That undying, everlasting, soft and unconditional love that she gave out. That is the same vibration that Blossom Agate exudes. It is the softest vibrational crystal, it is one that vibrates at the lowest level; however, that does not mean that it isn’t a powerful crystal. Blossom Agate will enable us to bloom or blossom within all aspects our life, it will encourage us to reach our full potential and it will never give up on us. It will aid us in personal growth and can even help to uncover hidden potential inside of us. Blossom Agate is a great sleep aid, place your Blossom Agate under your pillow to encourage soft, sweet dreams!