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Astrophyllite Point

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Going through some major changes in your life? Or maybe everything seems a little bit too chaotic for you to handle at the moment? Grab some Astrophyllite and put it in your pocket! It can help you to remain calm in stressful situations and bring some clarity to the changes you’re currently going through. This crystal is also a major MUST for those who find themselves thinking of the past, dwelling on the past and for those who feel that their past is stopping them from creating a bright future. Astrophyllite encourages us to move on, it is a crystal that can help us to heal and to accept the past for what it is; but wants us to move forward and create a better life away from the trauma we might have experienced before. This crystal wants us to grow and be the best version of ourselves. Like every sad movie has an uplifting ending; this is what Astrophyllite will do for those who own a piece of it!