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Arfvedsonite Palm Stone

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Palm Stones

Palm stones are polished oval stones that can fit in the palm of your hand - hence the name.

Our Palm stones are actually palm size, unlike some others being sold which are basically large tumbles. Our palm stones can fit in your pocket or bag, to be accessible at all times.

Palm Stones are very effective in curbing any anxiety issues. When held in the palm of your hand, they can be used as a form of reflexology stimulating the pressure points to aid relaxation.


"Keep me organised and help take me on adventures. Show me the magic that lies behind common sense and show me both sides of the story; both sides of the fence. When I'm in a dark tunnel, show me the way out; help me to keep positive and never let me feel any doubt. Elevate my psychic gifts; and ensure my magic only manifests the best. Help me when im lively, but ensure me a good night's rest" - AP Crystals suggested crystal intention for Arfvedsonite.

Arfvedsonite Crystal Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities:
  • Can help implement organisation and structure within life
  • Contains a very strong vibrational energy
  • Encourages is keeper to go on many different journeys throughout life
  • Helps to re-assure its keeper that they are on the right  path in life, if they are not - Arfvedsonite will help steer them in the correct direction
  • Will provide insight to different situations the keeper comes across
  • Known to help manifest its keepers dream

Arfvedsonite Healing Information:

  • Allows the keeper to notice their negative thoughts and will help to change them
  • Removes negative patterns
  • Known to help keep nightmares at bay - often like a dream catcher
  • Allows its keeper to see the real truth

Arfvedsonite in Health:

  • Will help relieve symptoms of depression
  • Encourages positivity and happiness
  • If its keeper is going through a tough time - the crystal will always give them a reassuring vibe

Arfvedsonite for those with psychic abilities:

  • Known to help psychics travel to both the past and the future
  • Heightens all psychic gifts
  • Helps to develop psychic abilities
  • Will help protect those starting their journey into the spiritual realm
  • Aids psychics in having psychic visions - will help them to see clearly

Arfvedsonite Facts

  • Arfvedsonite gets it's name from its founder - Johann Arfvedson who was a Swedish Chemist and discovered this crystal in 1823
  • Arfvedsonite can be found worldwide including places such as USA, Germany, South Africa, Canada, Greenland, Russia and Norway
  • Astrophyllite is often confused to be Arfvedsonite. The easiest way to tell the difference is that Astrophyllite will have Gold streaks running through it; unlike Arfvedsonite which contains silver and blue streaks / shimmers
  • Arfvedsonite is considered a rare crystal; hence being more expensive in most cases compared to other crystal


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