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Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

Since AP Crystals started operating, we have regarded our crystals as "Small, Medium and Large". We have previously considered pieces under 10cm as small, under 15 cm as medium and anything over 16cm as large (For Crystal Points). Recently, it has come to our attention that this is a rare type of sizing as most retailers stick to the following sizing charts.

Small = under 50mm

Medium = under 65mm

Large = over 65mm

To ensure that we are consistent with other retailers sizing, and to ensure that you know what sizes you are comparing, we have decided to re-shuffle our size guide to fit in with the above. 

The following size guide will be implanted as of the 29th of September 2019.


Small = Under 50mm

Medium = 51mm - 65mm

Large = 66mm - 100mm

Extra Large = Over 100mm


Small = 10-20mm

Medium = 21-45mm

Large = 46mm - 70mm

Extra Large = 70mm +

Palm Stones

Medium = Under 5cm

Large = 5-7cm

Extra Large = 7cm+

All other sizing will remain the same.

We personally do not agree with the above sizing, but unfortunately we feel that we need to make it easier for customers to be able to compare sizes and prices between us, and other more expensive but yet popular crystal retailers.

We encourage everyone to do their own price comparisons to be able to see the real savings that can be made by shopping with AP Crystals.