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Red Hematoid

Red Hematoid Harlequin Quartz Meaning and Metaphysical Abilities

  • Helps to ground its keeper in the current reality
  • Encourages its keeper to live a balanced and positive life
  • Can help those who have drifted away from having an imagination; bring it back to life
  • Encourages its keeper to fill them self with confidence
  • Said to enhance self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, self-love and self-trust
  • Great for those who are in a career / workplace where you are constantly solving problems and thinking on your feet. This stone will help you to keep your mind clear and help make correct decisions
  • Encourages happiness and peace
  • Often used to help its keeper achieve their dreams and goals

Red Hematoid Harlequin Quartz in Healing

  • Allows its keeper to re-live traumatic memories and get past them. It will enable the moving on process to start and allow the keeper to heal internally. It is especially useful for those wanting to move on from the past
  • Cleanses chakras, the mind, body and spirit

Red Hematoid Harlequin Quartz in Health

  • Extremely beneficial for those who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety attacks or Chronic stress. Harlequin Quartz will help those suffering from the above to welcome a sense of deep peace when feeling the attacks come on
  • Great to have for those who have a general "unwell" feeling
  • Encourages good health
  • Known to help speed up the recovery process after surgery or physical injury
  • Commonly used to help treat the aftereffects and left-over symptoms of addiction
  • Clears stress, encourages relaxation and promotes a sense of happiness

Red Hematoid Harlequin Quartz in Relationships

  • Removes chaos from relationships
  • Encourages the bond between two people to strengthen
  • Helps to calm the energy when situations become heated
  • Lessens anger
  • Promotes a sense of security in a relationship
  • Often used to bring in happiness and a sense of "everything will be ok" when all hope seems to be lost
  • Want to manifest love into your life? Set your crystal intention on Harlequin Quartz and watch your dreams come to life
  • Known to help relationships take the next step

Red Hematoid Harlequin Quartz for those with psychic abilities

  • Anchors psychics, light workers and any person doing spiritual work, in this world and reality
  • This stone will allow spiritual workers to wonder into different realms, but always bring them back once the work has been completed
  • Helps those who can, communicate with spirits, guardian angels and other beings from all different realms and worlds
  • Will be extremely protective of its keeper
  • Removes negative energy, spirits and other negative beings or things from its keepers’ life, aura and soul
  • Encourages spiritual development

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