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Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline Crystal Meaning and Metaphysical Abilities:

  • Encourages feelings of happiness, joy and optimism in life
  • Can help its keeper to feel a new joy for life – can rekindle feelings of hope
  • Said to help relieve stress
  • Carries a strong feminine vibration; can help women to feel a new sense of empowerment
  • Can help its keeper to be more cheerful
  • Perfect for those who feel like they only follow one line of thinking; it will encourage its keeper to see life through someone else’s eyes
  • Said to be a very active stone – always working to help its keeper through life
  • Encourages its keeper to let go of irrational fears
  • Great for those who need some extra courage or strength
  • Can provide emotional support when you’re going through a tough time

Pink Tourmaline Healing information:

  • Helps to heal emotional wounds
  • Releases feelings of guilt
  • Can help to heal those with feelings of depression and anxiety as Pink Tourmaline contains lithium which is found in anxiety and depression medication
  • Said to help its keeper to see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • Helps to balance emotions
  • If you are not sure where your blockages are in your body and chakras, meditate with Pink Tourmaline – it will point you in the right direction
  • Can help to remove destructive patterns and thoughts

Pink Tourmaline in Health:

  • Said to help encourage the healing of skin conditions
  • Known to encourage movement in joints
  • As Pink Tourmaline correlates with the heart chakra – it is said to help encourage the healing of heart conditions

Pink Tourmaline in Relationships:

  • Said to point you in the right direction to help find your soul mate
  • Can help to encourage forgiveness in relationships
  • Great to keep on your bedside for those in relationships – it will encourage love, compassion and passion in the bedroom
  • Said to help relationships move forward (e.g.: are you wanting to move to the next step in your relationship? Meditate and set your intentions on your Pink Tourmaline and watch the relationship grow)
  • Brings awareness into the relationship

Pink Tourmaline for those with psychic abilities:

  • Great for those who practice spiritual healing
  • Said to help children who are overly sensitive to life. It is even great for children who “see” things or “feel” vibrations and people from the spiritual world.
  • Encourages spiritual contact and can help grow psychic abilities

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