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Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper Crystal Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities:

  • Great stress reliever
  • Use when meditating to induce a deep calm
  • Ask your ocean jasper stone to take away any negativity in your life + watch the negativity fade away
  • A crystal of renewal and strength
  • Encourages its keeper to love both their self and others
  • Provides a gentle, nurturing energy and vibration
  • Helps to instil patience
  • Encourages happiness, love and positivity

Ocean Jasper Crystal Healing Information:

If you are having trouble loving yourself, hold a piece of jasper to help transform any negative thoughts into positive ones. Ocean Jasper will also help those who are adjusting to any sudden changes.  It is also said to help its keeper to be more empathetic to others emotional needs.  Ocean jasper can be particularly useful to help resolve past emotional issues and to help create a more positive attitude for the future. 

Ocean Jasper in Health:

Known to help heal and get rid of unnecessary obsessions. Ocean Jasper will help to support the immune system, the female reproductive system and aid in any digestive issues. It is also said to help fight gum infections, eczema, colds, insomnia and inflammation of any body part. Ocean Jasper has also traditionally been used to help eliminate toxins which can cause body odour.

Ocean Jasper in Relationships:

Ocean Jasper will enable its holder to express their true feelings of love. It will also encourage partners to be patient with each other during times of conflict.  Ocean Jasper will encourage the relationship to keep moving forward.

Ocean Jasper for those with psychic abilities:

Known to help transform any negative uses of psychic abilities into positive uses.  Ocean Jasper can also teach its keeper how far their spiritual powers can go. A helpful crystal for healers and counsellors.  If Drusy quartz is contained within the crystal - it will focus, intensify and amplify its healing capabilities. 

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