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The Empress | $0 per week| Includes: 2 General readings

  • 1x Weekly general "The week ahead" tarot reveal and reading
  • 1x Weekly general question tarot reveal and reading

How it works:

Every Wednesday and Saturday you will have the chance to let your intuition guide you into selecting a certain stack of cards provided to you by your reader. These cards will be chosen to give you the answer to our weekly question or the answer as to what your week ahead looks like. You will have the chance to choose these cards via The Empress Blog or our Facebook Page. Reveals and readings for these questions are posted on The Empress Blog every Saturday and Sunday

Free Empress Membership is being provided whilst everyone is quarantined! 60 day free trial. $0

The Empress Tarot Card Reader!

Name: Angela

Age: 27


Tarot Reading, Psychic Reading, Clairvoyance and Claircognizance.

A little bit about me:

Being a born psychic, I have always had a sense of knowing and seeing from when I was a little girl. Growing up, I was able to predict things like what town I was going to be living in, to much more specific things; like passing messages from spirit to the living. I used to work as a psychic, providing readings to those who needed it, but found that my calling changed to opening and running a crystal shop. Recently, I have been called back to read cards, and provide answers for the community I have made here at APC. Tarot reading is not only a passion, it is a skill I have worked on for over 15 years. I find that tarot reading is not so much being able to know what the cards are saying, its being able to tell the story behind the drawings on the cards.

My accuracy and portrayal of the cards is something that is most often commended about my abilities. I look forward to reading for you, and I hope you’ll let your intuition guide you in our next tarot reading.

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