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Lodolite Crystal Meaning + Metaphysical Properties:

  • Often used in meditation
  • Attracts loving energies into its keeper’s life
  • Inspires its keeper to be brave and to take risks
  • Encourages its keeper to overcome personal challenges
  • Said to be beneficial for grounding, to be stable and to be aware of what’s happening around you
  • A symbol of transformation and change
  • Known to help its keepers to let go of old attachments

Lodolite in Healing:

Lodolite is said to help cleanse the aura, inner soul and the environment in which it inhabits. It is an extremely calming crystal and helps its keeper to be still in the present moment.

Lodolite in Health:

  • Encourages a healthy immune system
  • Is said to oxygenate blood
  • Traditionally used to treat; eye, skin and throat conditions
  • Can help to remove symptoms of Emphysema, bronchitis and staph

Lodolite for those with psychic abilities:

Lodolite is extremely beneficial for those who communicate with spirits. It will help to keep the communication lines open and clear. Lodolite is also known to invoke lucid dreaming and can help to bring knowledge from the keepers past life.

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