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Lazulite Meaning and Metaphysical Abilities

  • Great for those who are heading into a legal dispute or battle. It will help you to stand up for yourself and stand up for the truth
  • Said to help find the true meaning of life
  • Used to help fight anxiety, stress and depression
  • Can help to bring peace and calm into a chaotic house
  • If you are struggling to be more creative, hold a piece of Lazulite and watch the ideas spring into your mind
  • Can help find solutions to specific problems
  • Great for students to carry with them when they are about to take a test
  • Often said to be a stone of inspiration

Lazulite in Healing

  • Often used for those who have been through traumatic experiences as a child. Lazulite can help you to overcome your pain, help you to forgive (only if you are ready) and can help you to move forward in life. It will enable you to leave the past behind.
  • Said to encourage self-respect, self-love and self-trust
  • Can help those who are afraid to speak, speak

Lazulite in Health

  • Said to help prevent stomach problems
  • Known to boost the immune system
  • Traditionally used to help heal fractures and to reduce the pain and symptoms arising from them
  • Excellent to use when you have a headache, or for those who get reoccurring migraines
  • Great for those who are trying to find the main cause of addiction
  • Said to help increase its keeper’s memory capacity

Lazulite in Relationships

  • Great for those who are unsure or afraid of commitment
  • Can help find the root of an argument
  • Can stop fears and doubts arising in relationships

Lazulite for those with psychic abilities

  • For those who work in past life healing, Lazulite can be used to help release the ties that are entwined to a specific soul or person. It can also be used to help explore other lifetimes; great for those who travel to other worlds, times and places.
  • If you are someone who dreams about the future, keep a piece of Lazulite under your pillow; it will help you to remember your dream clearly. It will also help you to interpret and understand the truth and meaning behind your dream.
  • Improves general intuition
  • Stimulates the third eye
  • Can be used for remote viewing

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